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The Pinnacle

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Walks start from:

Sundial car park, Sundial Road, Bellfield VIC 3381
Wonderland car park, Wonderland Road, Halls Gap VIC 3381
Halls Gap Botanical Gardens, School Road, Halls Gap VIC 3381


The Pinnacle Lookout is one of the most spectacular vantage points in the Grampians National Park. There are multiple walking options to reach The Pinnacle, the easiest of which begins from the Sundial Carpark. If you decide to undertake one of the more challenging walks to reach The Pinnacle then you will be rewarded with numerous beautiful iconic attractions along the way, including Bridal Veil Falls, the Grand Canyon, Silent Street and more.

Walk from the Sundial Carpark
  • Distance: 4.2 km return
  • Time: 2 hrs
  • Starting point: Sundial Carpark
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Points of interest: Pretty views along the walk, Pinnacle Lookout
  • Easiest walk to reach The Pinnacle, best option if bringing children
  • Sundial carpark has picnic tables and toilets
Walk from the Wonderland Carpark
  • Distance: 4 km return
  • Time: 3 hrs
  • Starting point: Wonderland Carpark
  • Difficulty: Moderate / hard - steep, rocky areas
  • Points of interest: Grand Canyon, Cool Chamber, Bridal Veil Falls, Silent Street, Pinnacle Lookout
  • More challenging walk to reach The Pinnacle
  • Wonderland carpark has toilets
  • Images in the photo gallery on this page were taken along this walk
Walk from the Halls Gap Botanical Garden
  • Distance: 9.4 km return
  • Time: 5 hrs
  • Starting point: Halls Gap Botanical Garden (Venus Baths walk)
  • Difficulty: Moderate / hard - long walk, steep, rocky areas
  • Points of interest: Botanical Gardens, Stoney Creek, Venus Baths, Splitters Falls, Grand Canyon, Cool Chamber, Bridal Veil Falls, Silent Street, Pinnacle Lookout
  • Most challenging walk to reach the Pinnacle
  • Barbecue facilities, playground and toilets available nearby at the Halls Gap Playground and Picnic Area.
Campgrounds nearby

Stoney Creek Group Campground (3.6 km - 8 mins from Sundial Carpark)

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Grampians National Park except within vehicles on sealed roads and in sealed parking areas. 


  • There are countless fantastic walking tracks throughout the Grampians National Park, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate all aspects of this amazing place. From short, scenic strolls to epic multi-day adventures, the Grampians has got it all.
  • Views from the various lookouts over the Grampians National Park are so stunning that they must be seen to be believed! The unmissable Boroka Lookout, Reeds Lookout, The Balconies and The Pinnacle are just a handful of the many spectacular viewpoints throughout the park. 


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