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Lake Bellfield Lookout and Dam Wall

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Tymna Drive, Bellfield VIC 3381


  • Scenic lake
  • Fishing
  • Viewing platform
  • Walk along dam wall - 800 m
  • Toilets
Enjoy stunning views over the water at Lake Bellfield, a popular destination for fishing, swimming, paddle boating, walking and picnicking, located four kilometres south of Halls Gap. 

While there are no picnic facilities at this part of Lake Bellfield, there are multiple bench seats overlooking the water and a nice stretch of grass perfect for laying picnic blankets. A toilet block doubles as a viewing platform, with an undercover upstairs lookout offering fantastic views over the lake and mountains beyond. 

Please note that swimming and boating are not permitted at this section of Lake Bellfield. There is a great Picnic and Swimming Area located a little further around the lake where swimming and boating are permitted. 


Grab your fishing rods and head out for a relaxing afternoon along the shores of Lake Bellfield. Redfin, blackfish and brown trout can be caught in abundance, and there are countless great spots along the shoreline to set up for a peaceful day of fishing.


Take in the beautiful scenery and water views as you walk along the 800 metre dam wall.

Campgrounds nearby

Borough Huts Campground (5.6 km - 5 mins)
Plantation Campground (14.8 km - 18 mins)
Jimmy Creek Campground (23.5 km - 18 mins)


  • Fishing is very popular in the Grampians National Park. Bring your fishing gear and enjoy a peaceful afternoon fishing at Lake Bellfield or Lake Wartook, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of The Grampians. 


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