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Reeds Picnic Area

  • Dsc 3028
  • Dsc 3029
Mt Victory Road, Zumsteins VIC 3401

Alonside the turnoff for Reeds Lookout and The Balconies


  • Roadside gazebo
  • Bushland setting
This quaint wooden gazebo is a quiet spot for a packed picnic lunch within the Grampians National Park. There is seating within the gazebo, but please note that there are no picnic tables or barbecue facilities here. 

Stop in at the gazebo for a picnic lunch before turning off Mt Victory Road to check out Reeds Lookout and take the short but scenic walk to The Balconies. Another fantastic nearby destination, MacKenzie Falls, is only 6.5 km from here and is one of Victoria's largest and most spectacular waterfalls. 


  • There are many fantastic picnic areas within the Grampians National Park - some are day visit areas of the park's campgrounds, others such as Zumsteins and Mt Zero are dedicated picnic areas with their own incredible walks and attractions.


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