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Hollow Mountain

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Walk from Hollow Mountain carpark, off Mt Zero Road, Laharum VIC 3401


  • Walking track
  • Short, adventurous hike
  • Several mountainside caverns
  • Beautiful rock formations
  • Amazing views
  • Seasonal rock pools
The short, scenic hike up Hollow Mountain in the Grampians National Park is absolutely unmissable! 

With beautiful wind-swept cliffs, multiple caves, gorgeous seasonal rock pools and amazing views over the surrounding plains and rocky ridges, this walk has got it all. 

Walk to Hollow Mountain

A sense of adventure settles over you as soon as the formed walking track gives way to increasingly rocky terrain. You soon find yourself following nothing more than painted arrows and tagged trees as you climb higher, scrambling up fallen boulders and edging your way around exposed ledges. 

The higher you get, the more you will find yourself stopping just to take in the incredible views of the surrounding landscape!

While the way up is fairly easy to navigate, when going back down through the bushland towards the car park you may not see the markers as easily - keep a keen eye out for the narrow, worn pathways and markers. Also note that there are several alternate, signposted tracks for rock climbing access which veer off from the main track. 
  • Distance: 2.4 km return
  • Time: 1.5 - 2 hrs
  • Starting point: Mount Hollow carpark
  • Difficulty: Moderate/hard
The Hollow Mountain carpark is also the starting point for the short walk to the Gulgurn Manja Shelter


You will pass a couple of beautiful caves near the top, and as you follow the painted arrows on the rocks you will soon find yourself around the other side in a rocky field of beautiful seasonal rock pools with spectacular views all around. 

Keep following those arrows to reach the summit - it is definitely worth the effort.

Visitor facilities at Hollow Mountain

Toilets and information signs are present at the Hollow Mountain carpark. 

Campgrounds nearby

Stapylton Campground (6.4 km - 11 mins)

Are dogs allowed at Hollow Mountain? 

No, dogs are not permitted at Hollow Mountain.

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Grampians National Park except within vehicles on sealed roads and in sealed parking areas. 


  • There are countless fantastic walking tracks throughout the Grampians National Park, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate all aspects of this amazing place. From short, scenic strolls to epic multi-day adventures, the Grampians has got it all.
  • Views from the various lookouts over the Grampians National Park are so stunning that they must be seen to be believed! The unmissable Boroka Lookout, Reeds Lookout, The Balconies and The Pinnacle are just a handful of the many spectacular viewpoints throughout the park. 
  • There are several stunning caves and chambers to explore within the spectacular Grampians National Park.


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