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Burrong Falls

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Rose Creek Road, Zumsteins VIC 3401


Burrong Falls is a gorgeous terraced waterfall along Rose Creek, which plunges into a series of beautiful terraced rock pools. 

Burrong Falls is visible from a cliff-side lookout, and the bottom can be accessed with some careful rock scrambling down the side of the small gorge. 

If you're up for some rock scrambling, you can carefully make your way down to the base of the falls. 

The terraced rock pools at the bottom make an unforgettable place to relax during the warmer months. Keep in mind that Burrong Falls will dry up through summer. 

Watch out for uneven ground, slippery rocks and sudden, sharp drops near the waterfall. Supervise children at all times. 

Walk to Burrong Falls

The walking track begins at a small parking area off Rose Creek Road, and is 350 metres each way. The walk involves slopes, steps, and uneven ground, but is fairly easy most of the way. 

Once you reach the gorge, the track gets more difficult as it follows the edge just a little over to the left towards the falls. 
  • Distance: 350 m one way (700 m return)
  • Time: 10 mins each way
  • Starting point: Car park off Rose Creek Road
  • Difficulty: Moderate

When is the best time to visit Burrong Falls

Burrong Falls is best viewed in winter and spring for reliable water flow.

Campgrounds nearby


  • There are so many gorgeous waterfalls scattered throughout the Grampians National Park. No matter how many times you visit, you will always be able to find something new to explore.
  • There are countless fantastic walking tracks throughout the Grampians National Park, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate all aspects of this amazing place. From short, scenic strolls to epic multi-day adventures, the Grampians has got it all.
  • Views from the various lookouts over the Grampians National Park are so stunning that they must be seen to be believed! The unmissable Boroka Lookout, Reeds Lookout, The Balconies and The Pinnacle are just a handful of the many spectacular viewpoints throughout the park. 


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