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Mount William

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Mt William Road, Pomonal VIC 3381


  • Incredible views
  • Commemorative monument
  • Fairly short walk
  • Information signs
Standing at an incredible 1,167 metres, Mount William is the highest point in the Grampians National Park! Offering unbelievable 360 degree views over the surrounding mountain ridges, farmland and lakes, Mount William is an absolute must-see on your visit to the Grampians. 

How to get to Mount William

You can drive most of the way to the top of Mount William via Mount William Road. The road ends at the Mount William Carpark, where you can then take a short (but strenuous) walk the remaining distance to the summit. 

Walk to Mount William

The walk to the summit of Mount William begins at the Mount William Carpark along Mount William Road. 

The walk is a steep and strenuous walk up a sealed road, with incredible views along the way!
  • Distance 1.9 km, 45 mins, each way
  • Difficulty Moderate. Sealed, smooth track surface, steep gradient.

Summit of Mount William

The Summit of Mount William is the highest peak in the Grampians National Park, and is marked by a stone monument. It lies on the other side of the fenced tower you will come to at the top. Walk around carefully, be wary of trip hazards. 

The monument has a plaque about Major Mitchell on the front, and a directional board on the top marking the directions and distances to various visible landmarks. 

Sunrise and sunset at Mount William

Plan our trek so that you arrive just before sunrise or sunset, and experience one of the best views in the Grampians while it's bathed in spectacular colours!

Major Mitchell at Mount William

Major Mitchell ascended Mount William during his incredible 1836 expedition through the area. The monument at the summit displays a plaque with the following text:

Major Mitchell climbed this mountain July 1836 and named it Mount William

When you're looking down from the top, imagine climbing all the way up this mountain through the rugged landscape you see before you.

Scenic drive up Mount William Road

The drive up to the Mount William Carpark is accompanied by incredible views and a dramatic change in scenery. 

Tall eucalyptus trees dominate the views on the lower slopes, giving way to stunted eucalyptus. As you ascend to the summit by foot, you'll see the scenery change again to low bushes and grasses, sturdy to withstand the wind.

Snow at Mount William

Mount William is a popular destination during winter, as it is often found blanketed in a layer of snow! Be sure to drive carefully along the winding road up to the car park. 

Other walks from the Mount William carpark

There are multiple walk options from the Mount William Carpark.
  • Mount William - 1.9 km - 45 mins
  • Boundary Gap - 4.8 km - 2.5 hrs
  • Durd Durd (campsite) - 13 km - 6.5 hrs
  • Sheephills carpark - 6.1 km

Are dogs allowed at Mount William? 

No, dogs are not permitted at Mount William. 

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Grampians National Park except within vehicles on sealed roads and in sealed parking areas. 


  • There are countless fantastic walking tracks throughout the Grampians National Park, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate all aspects of this amazing place. From short, scenic strolls to epic multi-day adventures, the Grampians has got it all.
  • Views from the various lookouts over the Grampians National Park are so stunning that they must be seen to be believed! The unmissable Boroka Lookout, Reeds Lookout, The Balconies and The Pinnacle are just a handful of the many spectacular viewpoints throughout the park. 


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