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Mafeking Reserve

  • Dsc 8774
  • Dsc 8775
  • Dsc 8776
  • Dsc 8777
  • Dsc 8780
  • Dsc 8782
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  • Dsc 8784
Unnamed road off Mafeking Road, Mafeking VIC 3379 (see map)


  • Historic reserve
  • Alluvial gold workings
  • Monument
The historical Mafeking Reserve is marked by a monument and plaque alongside the road to the Mafeking Picnic Area. 

The monument displays a plaque which bears the following text:

This area of the Mount William Range was named Mafeking Reserve by his excellency to Governor of Victoria Major-General Sir Rohan Delacombe on 3rd June 1967.

A sign also warns about the presence of dangerous mine shafts and unstable edges. This is not a safe area for children to explore off the track.

A short stroll from the road takes you to a sudden drop into a gully, which is the site of historical gold mining activity. You can see remnants of the alluvial workings all along this gully. 

There are no formal walking tracks in this area. Explore at your own risk and be wary of mine shafts at all times. 



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