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Lake Bellfield Swimming and Picnic Area

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Grampians Road, Bellfield VIC 3381


  • Swimming
  • Boat ramp
  • Picnic tables
  • Fire pits and barbecue plates
  • Toilets
The Lake Bellfield Swimming and Picnic Area is a scenic spot on the lake shore, where a gently sloping beach is accompanied by grassy lawns and a spacious picnic area.

This is a fantastic spot to bring a packed picnic or barbecue lunch, embark on a kayaking adventure, or cool off in the water during summer. 

Swimming at Lake Bellfield

Enjoy an afternoon in the water at this scenic spot, where your swim will be complemented by panoramic views over to the surrounding mountain ranges! 

Swimming is only permitted at Lake Bellfield within the designated swimming area at this picnic ground, which is indicated by signs.

This designated area provides a safe swimming spot, as the rest of the lake is dangerous due to suddenly varying depths, cold water and submerged objects.

Picnics at Lake Bellfield

Lake Bellfield is a wonderful spot for a picnic or barbecue lunch, where a large grassy area is equipped with multiple picnic tables and wood fire barbecues.

Some of the picnic tables are set along the foreshore and enjoy scenic views out over the water. 

There is a toilet block alongside the picnic area as well. 

Fishing at Lake Bellfield

Lake Bellfield is a popular fishing destination, where you can catch brown trout, redfin and blackfish. 

Fishing licenses can be obtained online or at the nearby Brambuk - the National Park and Cultural Centre.

Kayaking and boating at Lake Bellfield

Row out into the middle off Lake Bellfield and be blown away by the incredible view!

There is a gravel boat ramp which travels down to the water alongside the Lake Bellfield Swimming and Picnic Area. 

Please note that only paddle boats and electric motor boats are permitted in Lake Bellfield. 

Other great spots around Lake Bellfield

Be sure to also check out the Lake Bellfield Lookout and Dam Wall, where you can take a walk out along the dam with unbelievable views! 

A lookout is set alongside the water, where you can ascend to the second floor balcony and appreciate the view over to the mountain ranges on the far side of the lake.

Are dogs allowed at Lake Bellfield?

No, dogs are not permitted at Lake Bellfield.

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Grampians National Park except within vehicles on sealed roads and in sealed parking areas. 



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