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Turret Falls

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Walk from Wonderland carpark, Wonderland Road, Halls Gap VIC 3381


  • Waterfall
  • Walking track
  • Beautiful views
  • 2.4 km return
Turret Falls is a beautiful and unique twin waterfall, accessed by a scenic walk beginning from the Wonderland Carpark. The views across rugged sandstone slopes as you walk to Turret Falls are simply breathtaking! 

The path involves steps and uphill sections, as well as some sections which run alongside sudden cliffs. Take care, and supervise children.

Walk to Turret Falls

  • Distance: 2.4 km return
  • Time: 1 hr
  • Starting point: Wonderland Carpark
  • Difficulty: Easy/moderate (steps and uphill sections)
  • Best viewed: Winter for reliable water flow. Late winter and spring for wildflowers.

The first section of the track is mostly steps along a dirt track. 

The middle section runs alongside cliffs and offers stunning views over the sandstone slopes. If you have taken the unforgettable walk to The Pinnacle from the Wonderland Carpark, you will certainly recognise these slopes. See if you can spot the Grand Canyon in the rocky landscape.

The last section of the track runs alongside a small gorge. You can hear the creek flowing below, and you'll know you're getting close to the falls when you hear the tell-tale rush of water up ahead.

You'll come to the top of Turret Falls first, where the creek passes through a series of beautiful rockpools atop a rocky outcrop before dropping into the gorge below. 

Views down over the waterfall can be obtained from the edge, but be careful of the drop. Do not approach the edge if the rock is wet, as it can get extremely slippery (as you may have experienced if you've ever taken a tranquil dip at the gorgeous Venus Baths).

Follow the track around to the other side of the gorge, where you'll find plenty of rocky ledges to sit on and take in the views of Turret Falls. From here, with a bit of careful scrambling, you can make your way right down to the water at the base of the falls.

Visitor facilities at the walk to Turret Falls

Toilets, picnic tables and plenty of additional walks are available at the Wonderland Carpark, where the walk to Turret Falls begins. 

Other waterfalls accessed from the Wonderland Carpark

Campgrounds nearby

Stoney Creek Group Campground (8.5 km - 13 mins from Wonderland Carpark)


  • There are so many gorgeous waterfalls scattered throughout the Grampians National Park. No matter how many times you visit, you will always be able to find something new to explore.
  • There are countless fantastic walking tracks throughout the Grampians National Park, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate all aspects of this amazing place. From short, scenic strolls to epic multi-day adventures, the Grampians has got it all.


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