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Mafeking Picnic Area

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Unnamed road off Mafeking Road, Mafeking VIC 3379 (see map)


  • Picnic tables
  • Fire pit with barbecue plate
  • Toilets
  • Water tank
  • Information sign
  • Historical town site
  • Circuit walk
Stop in for a picnic lunch at the peaceful Mafeking Picnic Area and spend some time learning about the prosperous history of the Mafeking gold rush! 

Mafeking was the site of Victoria's last gold rush in 1900, where around 700 kg of alluvial gold was won from the earth.  

Today you can learn about this rich history at the Mafeking picnic area by reading the beautifully presented information sign, checking out the commemorative monument, and taking the easy 2km circuit walk among the old gold workings. 

Picnics at Mafeking Picnic Area

The Mafeking Picnic Area is a scenic little spot which provides two picnic tables and a single fire pit with barbecue plate. 

There is also a drop toilet with a water tank located on the other side of the gravel road. 

There are parking spaces with room for three cars, but more room to park along the road where it loops in to the picnic area. 

Brownings Loop Walk

An easy 2 km circuit walk called Brownings Loop sets out from the picnic area alongside the commemorative monument.

This walk takes you past abundant evidence of alluvial gold mining, where the track winds alongside mine shafts and huge gullies which have been worked for gold. 

There are lots of mine shafts alongside the track which have been covered with safety grates. Do not walk off the track while taking this circuit walk. There could easily be mine shafts hiding in the undergrowth which have not been covered by safety grates. 

Commemorative monument at the Mafeking Picnic Area

A rock cairn stands alongside the beginning of the walking track in commemoration of the gold discovery made here in 1900.

The tall stone cairn displays several plaques, which present the following text:

Site of Mafeking township & goldfield. Gold discovered by P.E. & F.H. Emmett in June 1900. Population 10,000. Erected by the Shire of Ararat & Subscribers. 25th March 1964

THIS CAIRN was erected in 1964 the centenary year of The Shire of Ararat

This plaque commemorates the centenary of the discovery of gold at Mafeking in 1900 and was uneiled on 25th June, 2000 by Brian Emmett grandson of Frank Emmett, one of the original party to discover gold at Mafeking.

Formation of the Mafeking Goldmining Company in 1900 by four Emmett brothers and George Mason heralded the last of Victoria's old style gold rushes. 

How to get to the Mafeking Picnic Area

The Mafeking Picnic Area is accessed by an unnamed dirt road off Mafeking Road. 2wd vehicles can access this spot fine. 

Check out the map at the top of this page for exact location. You can also find it on Google Maps by searching for "Brownings Loop Mafeking". The walking track is marked on the map, and is also the site of the picnic area. 

Are dogs allowed at the Mafeking Picnic Area?

No, dogs are not permitted at the Mafeking Picnic Area. 

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Grampians National Park except within vehicles on sealed roads and in sealed parking areas. 


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