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The Grampians Lookouts - A Virtual Tour

Posted 22/08/2018 in Places

Views from the various lookouts over the Grampians National Park are so stunning that they must be seen to be believed! The unmissable Boroka Lookout, Reeds Lookout, The Balconies and The Pinnacle are just a handful of the many spectacular viewpoints throughout the park. 

Interested in taking a sneak peek at the Grampians National Park's incredible views? Google's nifty 'street view' feature lets you take a virtual look at various amazing points throughout The Grampians, including the beautiful lookouts!

Google's street view feature is certainly a handy tool for checking out the attractions of The Grampians, but be aware these views pale in comparison to the real thing. One of the best things about the Grampians National Park's many incredible attractions is the adventure you undertake to get to them!

Your walk to The Pinnacle from the Wonderland Carpark takes you through canyons, past a cave and beneath a waterfall. When you reach Chatauqua Peak, make your way across the rocky ridge surrounded by unbelievable views all around you.  Continue past Cranages Lookout and descend into a rocky gorge right alongside MacKenzie Falls, one of Victoria's largest and most spectacular waterfalls! 

Check out the following virtual views throughout the Grampians National Park, and follow the accompanying links for more information and location details to start planning your next adventure in the breathtaking Grampians National Park. 

Please note that if you have arrived at this page through the Facebook app, there may be some issues with the Google Photo Sphere links displaying properly. 

Virtual views of the Grampians National Park

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is an iconic lookout in the Grampians National Park, offering breathtaking views over Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield and the surrounding mountain ranges. Depending on the day you visit you could have clear views to the distant horizon, see a gorgeous vision of fog settled in the valley below, or even look down over a rainbow. Not only does Google's street view feature allow you to virtually stand at the edge of The Pinnacle, you can also use it to navigate the entire track to the lookout from the Wonderland Carpark!

Click here for your virtual view from the Pinnacle
Click here to take the entire walk to the Pinnacle using Google street view

The Balconies

The Balconies is a spectacular lookout accessed by a short, scenic walk. From the parking area, an easy stroll takes you along a well formed gravel track to the lookout as you pass gorgeous scenery, fascinating rock formations, and sweeping views along the way. 

Click here for your virtual view from The Balconies

Reeds Lookout

Reeds Lookout is accessed via a very short walk from the same parking area as The Balconies mentioned above, and offers stunning views over Victoria Valley. You can take in the views from the fenced area at the top of the path, or you can head further up the rocky ground along the fence to another lookout point with a board showing the directions and distances of various significant landmarks. The Reed Lookout Fire Tower sits atop the rocky peak.

Cranages Lookout

Cranages Lookout is a beautiful viewpoint located along the walk to the spectacular MacKenzie Falls. In the days before mobile phones, Pearl Cranage (who ran a kiosk here) used to stand at this very spot and shout out across the gorge to the bus driver "how many today, Jack?". The bus driver would shout back, answering how many visitors he had on board, and Pearl would put on enough tea for that number. 

Boroka Lookout

Image source: Google street view

Mt William

Image source: Google street view

Mt William is without doubt one of the most breathtaking views in the Grampians National Park, offering sweeping 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape. 

Mt Zero

Image source: Google street view

Accessed via a walk from the Mt Zero Picnic Area, the view from Mt Zero showcases the rugged rocky landscape of the stunning northern Grampians. With incredible destinations located nearby such as Hollow Mountain and the Gulgurn Manja Shelter, this is definitely a region worth visiting.

Chatauqua Peak

Image source: Google street view

Chatauqua Peak is accessed from a fairly short walk starting in Halls Gap, the same walk which takes you to the beautiful Clematis Falls. Make your way across the spectacular rocky peak surrounded by unbelievable views.

What's your favourite lookout in the Grampians National Park? Let us know in the comments below. 




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