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The Lazy Hiker's Guide to the Grampians National Park

Posted 03/10/2018 in Things to do

So you want to embark on an epic adventure through Victoria's spectacular Grampians National Park, exploring stunning waterfalls and looking out over the incredible landscape from the mountaintops, buuutttttt... when you think of the actual walking part you kinda wanna just go back to bed? I got your back! The Lazy Hikers Guide to the Grampians National Park presents all the ways you can enjoy the wonders of The Grampians with seriously low levels of effort. Seriously low. 

Pictured above is the gorgeous view from The Pinnacle lookout. A rainbow decorates the skies above Lake Bellfield! So pretty! a lazy hiker you won't be seeing this. Moving on.

Splitters Falls is accessed by a scenic short walk from the Wonderland Carpark

If you don't even want to get out of the car

If you feel like going to the Grampians National Park just for a drive to check out the views, there are two particular roads that really show off the wonders of The Grampians - Mount Victory Road and Mount William Road. Both offer spectacular views as you wind your way up the mountainsides, with several roadside stops where you can pull over and get a good look out across the beautifully rugged landscape. 

When you drive up Mount William Road you get some seriously incredible views out over the tops of surrounding peaks. You will reach a car park from which the walk to the lookout atop Mount William begins - whether or not you take that walk is up to you. You can totally just turn around and drive straight back down again. 

When you drive up Mount Victory Road the views are simply stunning, particularly the stretch before the turnoff to the Wonderland Carpark and the stretch further along which looks out over Lake Wartook and the MacKenzie River. You can drive right through The Grampians and out the other side by following Mount Victory Road but it's a good idea to drive as far as the Zumsteins Picnic Area and Historical Site, kick back and have a little rest at the picnic area, and then head back down towards Halls Gap. 

Take a really short walk along the beautiful MacKenzie River at the Zumsteins Picnic Area and Historical Site

You want to get out of the car, have a quick look around, then get straight back in the car and keep going

Got you covered, there are a bunch of great roadside attractions you can check out during your visit to the Grampians National Park! 
  • Lake Bellfield - Enjoy stunning views over the water at Lake Bellfield, a popular destination for fishing, paddle boating, walking and picnicking, located four kilometres south of Halls Gap. 
  • Lookout platforms at the Reeds Lookout car park - There are a couple of fantastic lookout platforms offering amazing views, located right alongside the carpark for the Reeds and Balconies Lookouts.
  • Brambuk - The National Park and Cultural Centre - Brambuk provides fantastic visitor information and educational displays for people looking to explore the Grampians region. Brambuk brings to life the history and culture of the Jardwadjali, Djab Wurrung and aboriginal communities of south-western Victoria.
  • Halls Gap Playground and Picnic Area - This pretty park is located right in the heart of Halls Gap, is surrounded by spectacular mountain views and located right across from the town's shops. 
  • Lake Wartook - A huge, majestic lake surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Grampians National Park. Located on the MacKenzie River, which is famous for its impressive array of waterfalls, Lake Wartook is a popular destination for boating and fishing. 

Beautiful scenery graces the shores of Lake Bellfield. Right beside the carpark. 

You want to go for a walk but... a really short walk.

No worries, there are many great short walks throughout the Grampians National Park!
  • Grand Canyon Loop Walk - The Grand Canyon is a remarkable rocky gorge situated within the majestic Wonderland Range of the Grampians National Park. This 900m circuit walk offers awe-inspiring scenery and and a seasonal waterfall.
  • Splitters Falls - With a walk starting from the same carpark as the aforementioned Grand Canyon, Splitters Falls is a stunning seasonal waterfall, best viewed in spring when wildflowers decorate the landscape and after rains for reliable water flow. This 1.4 km return walking track travels over rocky terrain, through a gorge and up some stairs before continuing alongside the gorgeous creek to Splitters Falls.
  • The Balconies - Perhaps one of the most iconic views in the Grampians, The Balconies is a spectacular lookout accessed by an easy 2 km return walk. From the parking area, an easy stroll takes you along a well formed gravel track to the lookout as you pass gorgeous scenery, fascinating rock formations, and sweeping views along the way.
  • Reeds Lookout - Sharing the same carpark as The Balconies, an extremely short (but fairly steep) walk up a hill brings you to the spectacular Reeds Lookout. 
  • Gulgurn Manja Shelter - A beautiful Aboriginal rock art site, accessed via an easy 1km return walk through gorgeous scenery with incredible views up to the surrounding rocky cliffs and ridges. 
  • Heatherlie Quarry - During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, large amounts of high quality freestone were carved from the slopes of the Mount Difficult Range at Heatherlie Quarry. Many features of the quarry remain today, including machinery, powder magazine, power plant, rail tracks and stone cottages. A short, easy 2.4 km return walking track takes you to the site of the quarry. Detailed information signs are located alongside significant areas making this a very interesting, educational place to visit. 
  • Venus Baths - An easy, family-friendly 2.3 km circuit walk takes you along Stoney Creek to the natural rock pools at Venus Baths. Stunning rock formations and scenery along the walk add to the allure of this beautiful place.
  • Silverband Falls - A beautiful seasonal waterfall, accessed by an easy 1.4 km return walk. This is an interesting spot as the water plunges down and disappears into the rocks at the base of the falls, travelling underground until the creek resurfaces about 50 metres away. The waterfall was named by European Settlers in the 1800's, as the stunning stream of water resembles a silver band.
  • Broken Falls - The Broken Falls lookout is accessed via a walking track from the MacKenzie Falls carpark on Wartook Road. An easy stroll through pretty scenery quickly brings you to the viewing platform. From the Broken Falls viewing platform you can either return to the car park or continue along the track and down to MacKenzie Falls (a fairly short walk, but involves lots of very steep stairs... up to you).
  • Zumsteins Picnic Area and Historical Site - A short circuit walk takes you through the Zumsteins Historical Area, with educational signs at various points along the way. You can also take a short stroll along the banks of the MacKenzie River along a beautiful wooden boardwalk to a viewing platform, which overlooks a pretty section of the river where the water rushes over rows of rocks. 

Gorgeous views from Reeds Lookout. You have to walk up a hill to get here, but it's a seriously short walk. It's literally right next to the car park. You got this.

Adventure complete!

After all this exploring you deserve to treat yourself. Head back down to Halls Gap for a meal at one of the fantastic eateries in town and relax for a while! I am also a firm believer that no trip to Halls Gap is complete without a taste of the amazing gourmet ice creams at Coolas Ice Creamery. If you haven't tried them, you're in for a real treat! Over thirty flavours of gourmet ice cream to choose from in a homemade waffle cone... awwwwyeah.

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